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Related post: Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 14:18:13 -0700 (PDT) From: T. Chase McPhee Subject: `For Sale By Owner: ReaDy FoR THe CiTy' 02You know the drill: The story below is deflowered cute nymphets a work of fiction, set in the format of reality. Any resemblances to real people, alive or in illegal nymphets pics the hereafter, is entirely coincidental in nature. It is not meant to accurately reflect upon persons, of continents or islands, in countries, counties, cities, towns, villages, neighborhoods, streets, cul-de-sacs, nor governmental or non-governmental areas, which the story is staged. If a sexual scene involving male-to-male relationships offends you, then why are you here? Seriously, if guy-to-guy sex stuff makes you barf or is going to screw up your mind, you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age, in most states and countries, you are not allowed to read this story, nymphets cuties by law. Check with your local laws regarding such.% Sexual safety matters. Remember guys, this is fiction. In real life, use protection.`For Sale By Owner: ReaDy FoR THe CiTy' 02 wriTten by T. Chase nymphet porn galleries McPhee%"Nice place you're folks have here," Micah says, upon entering the front door of Byron's home. He adds, "What's wrong?" when Byron stands there silently."Nothing," he springs back into action, leading Micah into the kitchen. "I was little nymphets photo listening nymphet pics bbs for anybody home. Nobody's home!""They're at work I take it?" Micah asks as he strips his backpack off his shoulder.Byron, already with the refrigerator door open, 'shopping', replies, "Not exactly... well yeah, I guess you can say so. My dad is on a business trip and mom went with him. It was a break for me because if I was away for a few days and if they were here, I would have had to make excuses for staying fresh young nymphets over night, like at a friend's house?""And what's wrong with that?""They would get suspicious," Byron says, "on account of I've never done nymphet russian bbs it before.""There's always a first time!" Micah says, little nymphets bb leaning on Byron's shoulder to get a clear cut view of the shelves. "Doesn't look too exciting."Suddenly the back door opens, a tall guy walking in, shirt slacked over his shoulder. "Oh hey By, what's up?"Byron notices Micah standing at attention, eyeing up and down the over six foot, barechested working art nymphets young man, telling him, "This is Ellio, the poolboy!""Shut yer trap, By," he proceeds to take off a work glove. "I'm worth more than that around here," he offers a hand to Micah." Too, like Micah star nymphets checked Ellio out from the top of the refrigerator door, when Ellio rounds the door, he's in the process of doing the same.Being around the block more than once, Micah replies to his action, "Like what you see there, Ellio?"Byron stands there taking it all in.No stranger to where Micah was taking this, the thirty-two year old replies, "I might if you weren't wearing that tee shirt?"A little more seasoned at how gay boys act, from almost anything happening at the Stud Muffin Party, Byron slaps Ellio's hand away from lifting the front of Micah's shirt.It gave Ellio a different perspective about Byron, making comment, "You go out a geek and come home a world-wise hottie, huh By?""Wise to you Ellio."And spilling the summer camp nymphets beans, "Oh yeah, well just remember," he taps Byron on the chest with index finger, "who gave you all those boy-tips!"Wise to what's petite young nymphets been said, Micah asks, "Oh, so you two know each other are gay?"Tapping his finger on his nose, Ellio replies, "I can spot'em a mile away!""Oh, a gaydar expert, huh?" Micah replies.Ellio, taking things a bit further asks, "You a top?""Want to suck my cock and find out?" Micah free naked nymphets says."I knew it!" Ellio returns, pointing his finger like a gun at Micah."You don't know piddly-squat, Ellio!" Byron accuses him, as he brushes free nymphet ls by him with some salad foods and a jar of pickles."What's he talkin' about?" nymphets mpeg Ellio turns back to Micah.Micah, a toothy smile on his face, gets right to the seethrough nymphet core of the matter, "I found out something really amazing about Byron this weekend."They had Ellio going, confused and whatnot, him saying, "You want to cut the crap and...?""Byron has a very tasty cock!""OMG! The geek's a fucker?" Ellio replies, hot nymphet links astounded.Micah asks, "He for real Byron?""Um, do I look like a geek, Ellio?" he placed it back in Ellio's ballpark.Pulling his cp nymphets bbs links shirt off his shoulder, wiping nymphet bikini models his chest nymphete and stomach off, hanging it on the back of a kitchen chair, Ellio sits with them."You smell ripe, Ellio," Byron complains as the three sit there."Should I run out back naked nymphets password and take a dip in the pool?"Byron finds out a new quirk about Micah, him saying, "I 'like' the aroma!""Wanna taste?" Ellio says, gallery nymphettes holding up his arm, flaunting his thickly-haired pit."Gross Ellio!" Byron condemns the action.His arm slaps down to his side.Curious, Byron asks Micah, "You wouldn't have licked it, would you?"Roundabout, Micah replies, "I'm 'your' boyfriend, not 'his'!"Thinking on it a sec, Byron rationalizes Micah licked him all over. Sure, his pits were less hairy, but it seemed different, Ellio being all nymphettes sex sweaty, it didn't sit right with Byron, even thinking of his boyfriend licking out Ellio's hairy Italian-pits!"Whatever!" Ellio replies. Then he gets up, goes to the fridge, asking, "Micah, nymphet twat you wanna beer?"His back was now towards Ellio, Byron paying attention over his little nymphets pics boyfriend's shoulder. He smiled when Micah mouthed the words, 'very cute!'. Looking towards Ellio searching, Byron points over Micah's shoulder.Micah laughs out loud, seeing Ellio bent over, his beltless jeans hiked down, showing his hairy crack."What?" Ellio says, coming up empty-handed and facing the two."Nice happy trail!" Micah replies, throwing off suspicion they were checking out his ass!"Probably not as nice as yours?" Ellio replies as if he's calling his bluff.More assertive than usual, Byron says, "Will you show the guinea your bod and get it over with!""You tresspass on that rich young naked nymphets dude's property and you come back with an attitude, bro? Think mom and pop are gonna 12 nymphets yr fall 3d nymphet art for any of that shit?"Suddenly Micah was confused. "You're brothers?"Micah little nymphets first time explains, "He thinks he is!""Get off it birdbrain I like almost raised you!"Puzzled, Micah was trying to figure out some of the lost young nymphet picture pieces. "Can we have some timeout?" He makes a 'T' with his teen nymphete forumm hands.As Ellio sits, coming back from the fridge without his beer, but with a carton nymphets movie of milk, Byron gives a history lesson, "Ellio isn't really from the Rockwell family tree, but because his father saved my father's life, we treat him 'as if'!"Ellio further comments, "Yeah and if he didn't have me to explain the facts of gay life, he would have 'not a underground nymphet photos clue'!"Getting it, from the sketchwork, Micah draws a picture, blog ukrainian nymphets "Oh, so your folks don't know either of you are gay?""And don't you tell them," Ellio replies, his finger thrown in Micah's direction. "What they don't know will keep us both out of trouble!"It's then Byron confesses, "I was thinking of coming out, Ellio.""What're nymphet forum ru you fuckin' crazy out of your mind, By?"Micah asks, "Like what would be the problem?""The problem would be," Ellio tells all, "dad... Byron's dad, hates queers!""Do you have to be so graphic, Ellio?""Why? What's wrong with the truth?" Then Ellio remembers, "Oh yeah. I forgot. You prefer to be called 'gay'.""Same difference," Micah renders. Because Byron prefers it, he sides with his boyfriend, "But I'd go with gay too."Then, looking at the salad food on the table, Ellio announces, "What do you say we throw this rabbit sex nymphets gallery food nymphet baby pussy back in little nymphet bbs pic the fridge and go get us some 'real' food?""No problem," Byron replies, grabbing up the containers, "as long as it's your treat, bro?"Micah smiles, watching naturist teen nymphets the two tackle the table and respond to the cleanup. If he didn't know the difference he would think they were brothers, especially the black teens nymphet way in which Byron instigates heckling Ellio over his sweat-soaked bod. Actually, without saying, Micah has been breathing in the sweet-smelling afrodesiac."I guess I probably should take a shower?" Ellio says, his tee shirt balled up in his fist.Byron, still on a sarcastic streak, tells him, "Why don't you just strip down and nymphet thumbnails jump in the pool?""You would like that, wouldn't you bro?"Micah says, "He wouldn't be the only one!"Standing there for a nymphets nudisme second, Ellio was trying to 'read' the two. He came to the conclusion, "So you're both calling my bluff, is it? Ganging russian nymphet list up on me, huh?"He didn't confess to it, of having seen Ellio in the buff, but went along with Micah, watching as Ellio opens the button of his jeans."No tightey-whities?" Micah asks as he sees Ellio's black, pubic hair appear."You're boyfriend's quite observant," Ellio says to Byron, futher adding, "just like when I walked in the back door!"Not denying it, Micah replies, "Of course. Why wouldn't anybody want 'not' to check out such a hot Italian top100 bbs nymphets stud?" And as Micah was checking him out still, he licked his lips, seeing Ellio unveil the rather long tube and big lowhangers.Ellio underage nymphets nn laughed, as he carefully drew his pants down, intentionally teasing Byron's boyfriend.Reaching out, being very forward, something Byron would never think of doing before, he grabs Ellio's pants and pulls them down."What'ya japan nymphets doin' bro?" Ellio says as his pants are stolen out of his hands.Standing there with his pants bbs for nymphets around his ankles, Micah replies, "We're not seeing anything we didn't angelnymphets see this weekend!""Oh really? Why free nymphets games don't you two come for a dip with me and you can loitas little nymphets tell me all about it?"Byron replies, "Oh no Ellio. You're not getting out of buying us lunch. Besides, who wants to swim in a pool child nymphet model with your cum nymphets art links floating around in it?"As he steps out of his pants, Ellio says, "Dude, you better watch what you say around the rents!"Byron jokes, "And didn't I already tell you you're too old to be saying 'dude'?"Totally in the buff, Ellio replies as he grabs Byron by the arm, spins him around and grasps his nymphets nudepics arms behind his back as he replies to his wiseguy attitude, "And didn't you ever hear about respecting your elders?"Micah followed Ellio's hairy ass out to the pool, forcing Byron along. He heard Byron protesting being thrown in, Ellio going over the edge with him."Oh shit!" Ellio yells, coming up and patting his wet hair back with his hands."Micah, what are you doing?""What does it look like I'm doing? You don't think I want to be left out, do you?" And with litte nymphets nude saying so, Micah steps out of his pants and jumps in the pool!%"I.. am... like, so... full!"Others nymphette twins around the rectangular table imgsrc nymphet jpg agreed, except one."Cool! Gimmee the rest of underground nymphets gallery your apple pie, Kyle!"Instead of only Kyle, the gang chipped in, some standing, making a spectacle of themselves, but so what? nymphets best erotic They were out to make Michael eat all of their tidbits nymphet star nude of leftovers.Alex added a tenth of a slice of key lime pie.Making the rounds of the table, Milo shared, scraping his melted mound of vanilla ice cream from his plate. He hadn't requested it with the apple pie from the beginning.Brady, drummer from the now defunct, 'T.R.U.N.K.S.!', yelled, "Drum roll," then mouthed the sounds a drum would make as he shoveled the rest of his chocolatey dish onto Michael's plate."Hey guys, I african nymphet pics didn't nymphet nude art photos mean for you to..."But it was way too late illegal nymphets bbs for Michael, eyes as big as the saucer from which Carman was rolling nymphet photos off one leftover cannoli, began protesting, but with the leftover, whole Italian pastry in front of him, it renewed his interest in dessert."Are you ready for this, Michael?" farm-boy-Garrett asks, depositing two pecans and the gooey stuff holding them together on the edge of the small dessert nymphets nudes plate.Looking up at Garrett, Michael asks, "Gee, can ya spare it?""'Can you'," Milo corrects him, starting on his remedial high school program early."We'll get to that later," Michael replies, meaning much, much later as right now he has a more important matter to attend to as he parks his ass in the chair.And were the other guys ever sorry they password nymphet asked, having to sit there and watch Michael woof down the remainders. But too, they were amazed, but not surprised at how Michael's bottomless pit absorbed every morsel.In no time, Michael slapped the cloth napkin across his mouth and was asking, "Can we go shopping now?"Kyle scared everybody out of their gourds when he asks, "Who is going to pay the bill?" He pushes toplist 12 yr nymphet the leather folder into dark nymphets photos the middle of the table without even looking at it.Garrett takes the initiative to pick it up, opening it.Carman leans in to view it, says, "Damn! Like nu teens nymphets young I don't even have enough for a tip to like leave with the size of this bill!"Slamming it shut, Garrett passes it over to Milo.Of course Alex, Scotty and Michael knew he was joking, but the others turned lily white with fright!Leave it to Michael to calm their loving nymphets fears, "He's joking guys, okay?" And with saying, he incited a mass exit from the table, leaving Kyle, Alex and Scotty."Don't worry," Scotty assures them, "I'll make sure when he," meaning Michael, "gets his cut from nymphet bbs pre the nymphetas briefs you get back some cash.""Sweet of you Scotty," Kyle says, looking up at him nymphets teen site after he got up and stood behind his chair, after pushing it in other the table. "But the treat is on me for today.""Thanks. I better get out nymphets paysites front before Michael starts getting into trouble!""What do you think?" Alex questions his partner.Kyle responds, "About what?""Do you think New York is ready for Michael?"They laughed as Kyle slipped his credit card into the crazy nymphets 16 bill folder."Oh no! Allow me!" Alex says, replacing it with his credit card, which had been presented to him months ago upon arriving in the 'Big Apple', same account as Kyle's!"Oh right. Thanks for the treat free nymphets porn Alex!"If they hadn't had such a close-knit relationship, it could have rubbed Alex the wrong way, Kyle's remark taken as obnoxious."Hey, someday, if my briefs start selling and I make a small fortune, I'm going to take you out to the swankiest restaurant in the..." he was ready to say 'city', but quickly conjured up, "world!""I think you're already young nn nymphets on your way Alex. Look how many orders Michael got for you at CK's Stud Muffin Party?"Like he had a huge headache, Alex replies, "Oh don't remind me!"Just then, they look up, the waiter returning for their check."Um, what happened to...." Alex couldn't remember the waiter's name who served them, but it young little sex nymphet could have partially bbs nymphets messages been due to the adorable features of his replacement.Assertively, the 'replacement' says, "Oh he had an emergency and had to leave. But don't worry, I'll make sure he gets his tip."The smile adorning nymphets land org his lips made Kyle and Alex just sit there and enjoy it, them too returning the friendly gesture.Apparently, they had put the waiter in an awkward position. hot beauties nymphets Ad-libbing he stumbled over his words, "Uh.. will there be anything astral nymphets pics else?"Probably Kyle and Alex were thinking the same, 'you', but Alex breaks the ice, "Um, no." Then nudging Kyle, since he sat between Alex and the handsome waiter, "You want anything else?""No, I liitle nymphets com don't want anything else," he coined the phrase right off Alex's lips."Great," the waiter said, which became a good time to detach himself from the pair. "I'll be right back with your card," he held it separate from the black leather folder.After he left, the two look at each other and laugh.Alex says, "Were you thinking what I was thinking?""Um, like were you thinking with his clothes on or off, Alex?""Like you," Alex assumes, "with his clothes off!"And when the waiter returns, the two figured it would be 'the card and receipt', but more, the waiter responds with a pickup in the works, "Do you two come here often?""Now and then," Alex replies.Kyle, like an idiot, asks, "How 'bout you?"The three mulled over it for two seconds, the waiter not wishing to offend, "Um..."Alex gets him off the hook, nymphets land "Kyle tends to get a little light-headed when he cam illegal nymphet stuffs his brain with too much food!""No problem," the waiter replies. Then, he extends his nymphet blowjob hand, to Alex first, a card attached, "Well, if you're ever on your nymphet nubile angels way here, or know in advance, call and I'll make sure you have a table."Kyle reads the card as it's passed hand to hand, replying, "Thanks, Aksel? Svindal?" he questions the pronunciation."You got it," Aksel replies, touching up on Kyle's rendition naked nature nymphet 1st of the surname.Alex, realizing Aksel doing a bit of networking, pitches back, "It doesn't say anything about the Zanzibar on the card?" Of course he said it nicely, not putting Aksel down for exploiting his profession.Ripping the card out of Alex's hand, Kyle takes a second glance, "Oh, you're topsites nymphets a porno nymphetes model?" And before Aksel can answer, "Cool! Alex designs briefs. Hey, you could be a model for his briefs. Do you model briefs?"It was more than a mouthful, especially for the one in which it was addressed, Aksel replying, "I never modeled briefs before. I suppose I could try?"Way ahead of both of them, Alex was wondering how Aksel would 'fill out' the 'cock-bootie'!Somehow, when they all ls nymphet bbs piled back in the limo, Alex and Kyle weren't sitting next to each other, rather Alex paired up real nymphet video with Michael. And like brothers, Alex's arm is stretched over his shouders, elbow behind Michael's head."So, are we headed to Braddock's?" Michael asks."Michael, honey," Alex sweetly says, "we're nymphet blue teen all tired and anxious to get home, so...""But I'm not tired and what is there to get home to? All of us are here and not there?""You got a good point there, Michael," Alex replies. "However, Kyle and me are..."Milo says, "Kyle nymphet ukraine bbs and I, Alex?""'We'," Alex continues, "are very anxious to get settled back down into our own little loft?"Michael comes up with, "We could drop leotard nymphets vlad you off?"But devils nymphets then it's Scotty young nymphet dream who comes up with something even more brilliant, "Besides, Michael, it's after six p.m. Braddock's is closed?""Oh, that's young nymphets dark a bummer!"But he saw it their way, out of having no choice. Walking off the elevator everybody was ready to slap Michael when he announces, "Ah-h-h-h, it feels so good to be back home again! Hey, I wonder what's on Tv?"%Copyright 2010 T. Chase McPhee`For Sale By Owner: ReaDy FoR THe CiTy' little porn nymphet may not be sold, nor made part of any collection, without prior consent from the author.The more you stretch, the more you loitas and nymphets can fit in... 'spread' happiness! TCMcP.....
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